One-to-One Tuition in the Comfort of Your Own Home

When it comes to Primary tuition, One to One Tutoring provide a more personal brand of tutoring, carried out within the comfort of your own home. It’s an environment that your child is comfortable with, where they can lean in a relaxed and focused manner, without the distractions of the classroom. As an English tutor in Upminster, I tailor an individual learning plan for your child and provide all the necessary equipment to encourage them to fulfil their potential. I’ll identify not just the educational but also the emotional needs that your child has, within a learning environment. I’ll create a plan that’s right for them and encourage learning of the highest standard.

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My specialisation, from when I was at university, to the middle of the classroom, has always been English. I can help your child make the most of their English learning as they head toward their SATs and onward to secondary school.


Reading and writing are often huge barriers to a child’s success in the classroom. They may be highly intelligent in other areas but if they can’t express themselves effectively, they’ll need greater encouragement to participate.


Phonic Reading

As well as being a primary school tutor, I’m also a dyslexia specialist. I can carry out phonic awareness reading programmes to help your dyslexic child navigate the difficult world of reading with dyslexia.

SATs Test Practice

If you want to see your child learn in a supported environment and go to the best secondary school they can, yet worry about them struggling, I can help them think, write and learn independently and open up their learning pathway toward a great score.


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Tailored Individual Learning Plans

All of my primary school tutor plans are designed specifically to suit your child. In our FREE 15-minute consultation, we can discover the best way to help them, together. I’m immensely passionate about seeing potential fulfilled and don’t want to see any child left behind by behavioural (or any other) issues that could impact their learning in the classroom.

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Teen learning in Braille, English Tutor in Upminster



In addition to my skills as a primary school tutor, I’m also able to Braille. School can be very difficult for students who are visually impaired. It impacts their learning and can leave them far behind their fellow students. I can help bridge that gap so, if your child is visually impaired and you don’t want to see them fall behind, get in touch today!


Cancellation Policy

If, for any reason, you have to cancel your child’s tutoring session on short notice, I have a 24-hour cancellation policy in place.



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