GCSE One-to-One Tuition 

As an English tutor in Upminster, my tuition is designed to meet students on their level. I carry out all sessions from the comfort of your home, in an environment where they can relax and feel ready to learn. So many students, working toward their GCSEs, are just on the cusp of a pass but find themselves hampered by behavioural issues, anxiety or other issues in the classroom. I don’t want to see talented, committed children left behind due to issues that are out of their control so, as a GCSE English tutor, I’m here to provide tailored study support. I want to see students thrive!

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GCSE English and Literature

Syllabus Support and Tutoring

The school syllabus can be demanding for SEN students. If they don’t receive support and tuition in a way with which they can properly engage, they can be left behind and see their classmates move on without them. It can be immensely distressing, destroying their confidence and seeing them fail to meet their potential. I’m here to help them in pursuing a learning pathway with which they can properly engage.

Spelling and Vocabulary Tests

Spelling and vocabulary are often real stumbling blocks for dyslexic and other SEN students as they progress through school. As unfair as it is, people often fail to look past the surface and see the real intelligence, wit and ability buried beneath spelling and grammatical errors on a page. I can help your child improve.


AQA Exam

AQA are the UKs leading academic awarding body and administrators of a wide range of GCSE exams throughout the UK. I can help your child prepare for them effectively and, if they are willing to engage, be ready to ace those tests, get rewards that delight and gain the confidence they need to push on in their education.

GCSE Dyslexia

As a GCSE English tutor, I can put my dyslexia specialism to the best use, helping to identify cases where Dyslexia has likely not been diagnosed, before referring students to relevant bodies who can confirm a diagnosis. I can provide support for dyslexic students as they make their way through their GCSEs.


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Progress Reports For Parents

I take thorough notes during each GCSE English tutor session and, at the end of each one, I’ll be sure to take you through a quick 5-minute progress report. We’ll go through the work that has been covered each lesson and take stock of where your child is in their development. We’ll assess their improvement and the areas in which they need to work harder, too.

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24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If, for any reason, you have to cancel your child’s tutoring session on short notice, I have a 24-hour cancellation policy in place.


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