My name is Claire and, with One to One Tutoring, I’m focused on providing the highest-quality, most in-depth tutoring for struggling students. I’m an English tutor in Upminster with a background in teaching SEN students in schools. I help them to learn independently, grow in confidence and make the most of their abilities. Everyone is different and every child learns in a different way. Education isn’t one-size-fits-all! If your child is struggling in class and you believe they could benefit from a more personal, bespoke form of tutoring, One to One will be perfect for them. My learning is designed specifically for students with language, processing and recall difficulties.

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Get in contact with this English tutor in Upminster via email or by giving me a call on   07946 466 874. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to arrange a FREE 15-minute assessment with yourself and your child (if need be, we can run a little longer).

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Tailored Learning Plans

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Identifying Tutees Needs


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Encouraging High Standards

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Specialised Learning Techniques




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Primary Level English Tuition

As an English tutor in Upminster, I can assist with all manner of English tuition at primary level. I can support them in fulfilling their individual potential and working toward them achieving their goals. I’ll open up learning pathways for your child. This includes:

  • Literacy
  • Reading and Handwriting
  • Cursive Styling
  • Phonic Reading
  • SATs Test Practice

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GCSE tuition with our English Tutor in Upminster

GCSE Level English Tuition

My real forte is in working with GCSE-level students. They are my main focus at school and I am well-placed to assist with their at-home tuition, as I deal with the syllabus on a daily basis.
I can assist with:

  • English and Literature Syllabus Support
  • Spelling and Vocabulary Tests
  • AQA Exam Support
  • Dyslexia Support

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Dyslexia Specialist

I work with SEN students in schools, with my main focus being on Dyslexia awareness and assistance. As an English tutor in Upminster, I offer Dyslexia specialist tutoring programmes, with three stages of tuition, specifically designed for students struggling with Dyslexia. I also offer Dictation, Spelling and Reading tuition for children up to the age of 13.

Dyslexia Screening

I also carry out basic dyslexia screenings, although I cannot provide an official diagnosis. I do this through a 30-minute test, which involves reading colour overlays, among other testing methods. I’m able to pinpoint dyslexia in a student very quickly and can refer you to a professional for an official diagnosis, if necessary. If you think your child might be struggling because of it, get in contact!

Get in touch today via email or by calling me to discuss my Dyslexia tuition further and arrange your FREE 15-minute consultation.

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Progress Reports For Parents

Each tuition session will be completed, before I leave, with a progress report, in which I will update you on your child’s progression since last week. It will consist of a quick 5-minute chat, in which we’ll go through where they’re finding success and growing, where they could improve and I might even leave them with a little bit of homework for next week!

As a supplementary service, I can offer more in-depth progress reports on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, with stats on their progress and deeper analysis. This will, however, incur a small extra charge.

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24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If, for any reason, you have to cancel your child’s tutoring session on short notice, I have a 24-hour cancellation policy in place.


Arrange Your FREE 15-Minute Consultation

Get in contact with this English tutor in Upminster now to arrange your FREE 15-minute consultation. I’ll sit down with your child and have an honest discussion with them and yourself in the comfort of your own home. Call me directly or send me an email to start the conversation.


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